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Friday, April 14, 2017

The "Fun" of leaving home

So it's been two weeks since I closed on my house. Lots of things have happened. We painted, and painted, and bought a washer/dryer, painted, fixed some plumbing issues.

Years ago, when i first started dreaming about moving out, I pictured it as I'd have everything packed up and we'd rent a trailer. Everything would get move in 1 day. I wouldn't be living at my place until everything was there. I would stand on my sidewalk, hug my parents and wave goodbye as they drove away.

And as life goes, that didn't go as planned. lol

3 Days after I closed, My brother and I, with a friend from church, moved my free couches into my place. Even though there was still rooms to paint, We moved those in. That night, I stayed there for the first time.

Then I got the flu. lol Life happens

I slowed brought boxes in. Filled my car up each time i came to work. Then Last Saturday, I bought the washer and dryer. When i got home, my dad called me and said that mom and him were going to be loading up everything i had packed at home, and bringing it to my house.

There wasn't a huge goodbye, there wasn't hugs, there wasn't even a see you later.

And i like it that way.

Yes I'm started to miss my family. It really hasn't hit me yet that I've moved out. It feels like i'm house-sitting. Since I've house sat for 3 weeks before, It hasn't hit me yet.

I miss my siblings more than i thought i would and i'm actually looking forward to Sunday to spend with them.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A big step for the new year!

It's been 39  days since the beginning of the new year and a lot has happened.

I won't bore you with all the little details. But I will tell you about a big detail.

I decided to buy a house!

Isn't that crazy?
I put an offer in one last night and i'm waiting to hear back from them! It's so exciting!
and later this month, Nick and i will be celebrating a year dating!

This year is looking great!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

I have started a new blog.... For my sister!!

My sister has recently got one of her books published and I'm trying to help her sell as many books as i can! so by doing this, I've decided she needs a blog so i created her one :)

go check it out and while you're at it, You could also buy her book for just $10.99!!

Blog here

Book here

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
So much has happened and it's only 3 days into 2017!

Christmas was so busy! I spend plenty of time with Family and Nick's family.

This Christmas was the first Christmas that I didn't work at the bakery. Which was a blessing and a disappointment. It was a blessing to have a "Normal" Christmas. It wasn't filled with super long hours, and early alarms. But it was disappointing cause I loved working the Christmas season at the bakery.

a sad Christmas.. My Cousin has been gone a year. It was kinda sad to realize that it's been a year.

The weekend before Christmas, We had freezing rain and i was also supposed to house sit for a friend.  I was able to get to her house but that Sunday morning, the road didn't look good so i didn't go to church but by the afternoon, the roads had been cleared so i was able to go to the candlelight service.

Then the Tuesday before Christmas, Sandra left and I went to stay at her house, which i love!!!!! I've been there 2 weeks today and i already know i'm going to struggled going back home when Sandra gets back.

That same week that Sandra first left, We moved into the second office of Fisher and Associates in Lafayette. It's awesome to be here, working back in Lafayette, and to feel like i actually have a desk to call my own. :)

This week starts Tax season hours.. Oh boy!! That's 7am-7pm. oh boy oh boy... Today is the second day and even though i used to do it at the bakery, this is going to take a moment to get used to it.
Working at the bakery was so easy. All i did was throw my hair into a bun, wear a t-shirt and skirt and tennis shoes. Here at Fisher's, I need to do my makeup and my hair, and wear nice clothes. lol I'm still trying to get used to doing my hair quickly lol. Learning process. such a learning process