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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Finishing it up

Hello, It's been quite some time since i've been on here. Doesn't mean that I Haven't been thinkin about you all.
So Small news first.... I've decided to get my bachelor's....Taxes are over.....This sesmeter is almost done.... I've order my invitations for graduation....and I'm dating again.

So much in so little time.
For spring break i went to Virginia again and left my dear boyfriend Nick at home. Boy did he miss me? :) I was glad to come back. I had gotten sick before i went down there and i was sick while i was down there so i was so ready to come home.
Nick came down with my mom to pick me up from the airport and my flight came in at like 11. and since i was sick, i don't remember much of the trip back home but i do know that. So I was telling my mom how i felt like i had a temp and when i went through security i was hoping they wouldn't stop me. The guy stopped me and asked me if i felt like i was hot. I remember thinkin "no but my boyfriend thinks i am!." I of course told nick and my mom what i had thought and my mother goes "Hannah!" and i went " and my boyfriend has a cute butt!". My Mother goes "HANNAH MARIE LEWIS!" Nick and I still laugh about that.

I'm going for my bachelor's at Indiana Wesleyan. I can't wait to start!
Taxes are over. It's like looking forward to Christmas and then being sad when Christmas is here.
I have almost all my work for this semester turned in!
Well there you go. Enjoy