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Sunday, July 19, 2015

End of Summer.....almost

Hey Ya'll,
So it's almost the end of July.... here's what's happened in the last month...

       I turned 21 on July 2nd... It was just a "normal" day. My Boyfriend, Jordan had been sick for 8 days and we hadn't seen each other, so on July 2nd, I worked in the morning, and then in the later afternoon, went to camp to see Jordan.. It's was Great! We were able to go swimming and later visit with his family.. I got a purse, and the movie Soul Surfer from them. I told him to tell them that i didn't want them to get me anything but they didn't listen :) From my Parents, i got clothing which is what i needed :). It's funny how as a child you used to hate getting clothing and then you reach a certain point in your life where you LOVE clothes!!!!!!

       On July 4th, i worked 1am-8am, and then i went to camp to have a 4th of July party with Jordan and his Family. I ended up sleeping in my car for about an hour before he was actually up. I had a blast that day. I love being around Jordan and his family..

Emma and Gizmo
Neenah and Rockin Robin
    Carroll County 4-H fair was from July 11-17... I was up there almost everyday.. :/ It's amazing how much everybody does. Jodi, Jordan's mom, is in charge of Llamas. Both of my Sisters were in llamas too.. I enjoyed the fair. Especially since it was the first fair that I've been too. :P

    On July 11th, Jordan's uncle Joe got married.. and we attended, kinda :) Joe married Kathy and they got married at Camp... But that day was also the llama check-in. So we went to the ceremony and left before the reception. It's was a fun and busy packed day..
Jordan wanted to wear this to his Uncle's wedding

I'm done with my summer class and in just a short little bit, i'm going to go on my summer vacation. :)
 Then it's home again, unpack and start school. :(
It's my last fall semester... I'll graduate next may. I can't wait!!!!

Watching Jordan cook at the Pork cook off on July 16

I just love it when i get this snapchat. :)