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Monday, September 29, 2014

My tough decision

I had a very tough decision to make today. Some of you know about it and some of you I had asked to pray about it. It's still hard to believe that I'm writing this post about this.  
    On august 16th, I got a dog named Bentlee. He is the best dog,I've ever had. But bentlee protects very well and he doesn't do well with children. My parents have decided that we must get rid of him. That he's do better on a farm without children. He'd do better with lots of room to run and play. He'd do better with a job to do. Bentlee was the first dog that I've ever lived and cared about. 

I'll update later 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

3 years, 3 months

I've been writing on this blog for 3 years and 3 months. I started this blog in June of 2011. And here it is, September 3rd 2014. 
  For years I had counted down to 2013. Because that's the year I was going to be done with school!! I did graduate in 2013 but I'm not done with school…yet! 
So much has changed
When I started this blog, it was a rainy day in June. I would have been 16 not quiet 17, I would have looked sorta of the same. But I was a different person. I was a girl who hadn't seen the world by herself. I wasn't a girl who had drove nor had a job that  required her to wake up at 4am most mornings. I was a girl with childish dreams, and childish expectations. 
Now I'm different. I've seen what I can do. I've seen what others have done or haven't done. I understand that you can have dreams but it's up to you and God to make those dreams happen.  When I was 16, I thought I'd get married right out of high school. To whom you ask?!? I don't know who I thought I was going to marraging but I'm glad The Lord had other ideas! 

3 years and counting!!
Cowboysgal ;)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Do I have time?

Lately the question on my mind has been... Do I have time? Do I want to lose an hour or so of sleep so I can do that? 
    Last week I started my second year of school and my first year going for an accounting degree. I'm hoping,lord willing, to graduate from ivy tech in may of 2016. I'm taking 4 classes:accounting 101, business 101, communication 101 and personal finance. Though it's a busy life, so far I'm surviving. 
On top of school, I'm also working around 36 hours a week, depending on shift she(sandra) has me work. 
Tonight we watched moms night out(2014) movie. I realized that I don't blog as much as I used too. So I looked up on the App Store and guess what?!?!? They have a blogger app!!! So here I am, blogging off of my phone. While laying in bed, getting ready to go to sleep so I can wake up at 4:15 tomorrow to be at work @5! 

My life is sooo busy! But I'm loving it(now I sound like the mcdonalds commercial!) 

See ya all
Cowboysgal! ;) I'll be back soon!