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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Busy life,

I have such a busy life!!!!! I haven't wrote on this blog since FEBRUARY!
 In Feb, I started my second semester of college at Ivy Tech. I'm just taking an English class. In Feb, I also applied for  The Disney Internship. But got turned down, Such a bummer.
   In March, I took a week off from work (spring break for school) and went to Virginia Beach. While i was there, I got an IPhone! I had so much fun in Virginia. My cousin (who's in the navy) will be coming home from Bahrain in June!!!!!!!!!!!
  April, such a big month..... I gained 2 new jobs!!! I work a Video Store once a week.  I'm also babysitting for a year old and a 2 month old. So it's been a really busy month. And it isn't over yet!!!\
 I'm actually at the Video store right now, and it's really slow compared to the bakery.
  With it being Easter weekend this week, at the bakery we're going to be very busy!! I work 5-1 on Friday and 5-1 on Saturday! So busy!

Got to go!