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Sunday, September 29, 2013

missing you

On October 12th, It would be 2 years since my wonderful grandmother passed away.
   I was thinking the other day , that i would give anything to hear my grandma laugh again, I'd love to have her hug me again, or to have her play a game with me again. I miss her so much.
The little things in life that you don't notice till they're gone. I miss her so much, :(


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pop Free

Hello, My challenge for this week is to try to go Pop free,
the Reason(s) why...
    1) Pop, if you drink a lot of it, cost a lot. One fountain drink at Speedway cost 1.29. Think if you have that two or three times a week for a month, you'll spend... around 18 dollars a month! That's quite a bit when you're working min wage only three days a week(like I do!).
   2) Caffeine isn't good for you. If  you're a person who gets a headache because you haven't had a pop today, then that means you're hooked on Pop. It isn't good for you.

  I have lots of headaches/migraines and I'm thinking this is part of my problem. Since i started working, I tend to drink pop when ever i'm.. Tired, Have a headache, or just bored . I'm trying to change that... so since Sept 22nd, I haven't had a pop/soda/coke!

Day Three

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Revolve around you? No Way!!! I want it to revolve around ME!

Today has been very interesting....
  I'm tired of people thinking the world that the world revolves around them... It doesn't! It never has and never will.
   I'm also tired of those same people telling me that I'm really not the important. That i like to play myself up as someone very important but really, I'm the one slowing them down. That i'm the one who acts like everything happens for me!
 I'm so tired of feeling unimportant!!! I'm not perfect but i am Human.

Feeling unimportant~Cowboysgal :(

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Peru, South America

Does everybody know that saying  from Up " South America.. It's like america but South!"?
I love that saying....
Today,well actually about 30 mins ago, I bought my Airplane tickets for Peru..
I'm going to PERU!!!!!!!!!! I'm going in January!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So excited!!!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


I got baptized today! Our Associate pastor Justin Darling did it! It was done at the creak in Delphi. It was an amazing time! I'm so thankful that we have the freedom to worship God! :)
 Justin Darling

 The water really wasn't that cold!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


One Apple, Two apples... Thunk...Thunk...thunk.
The apples kept falling.
The apples kept falling.
the branches the apples were are are now broke!

We have so many apples this year. They are growing out of our ears!! We have a total of 12 trees. we have made applesauce, Apple juice, and apple slices. We also have two pears trees and we have been making Pear sauce and pear slices.
I don't want to even think about making anything with apples or pears in it.
  we have actually done more stuff with pears than we have with apples because the pears started getting ready about 4 weeks ago. the Apples have just gotten ready within the last week or so. They will be good for at least another two weeks. Then after that we'll have Grapes.
  I love the harvest but Sometimes you get so tired of everything.

 I started school about two weeks ago and I've been working 3 or 4 days a week. It's been Crazy but I'm loving it.
 I keep thinking about how in a few years i may/maybe won't be here for the harvest. I makes me sad because this is all I've ever known for the last 10 years or so.

Well I'm going to bed now so we can can more applesauce tomorrow!!!
Hasta MaƱana!