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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spur of the Moment!

Well we did it! we took a spur of the moment trip!
We left Sunday at 1:40am from our house and arrived at Indy Airport at 3am. We had the wait to check in because nobody was at the check-in counter! Security didn't open till 4:15am. We then boarded our plane at 4:50am. Our plane left Indy at 5:10am to head to Charlotte,NC. We landed at Charlotte at 6:45am. Our Connecting Flight was at 7:55am to Orlando Florida!!!
  We arrived at Orlando, FL at 9:45am! Charity, James and the Girls didn't get to Orlando till Noon. we stayed at Orlando airport till then. at 12:30 we took a taxi van to Downtown Disney. That's where we met up with Charity and James !
       On Monday, we went to Disney's Magic Kingdom!!  It was so much fun!!!! This is my Second time to Disney!!!
On Tuesday we went to Epcot!!! My favorite Park!! It so fun to see all the countries!!!
Today we are having a break day. Time to update facebook and this Blog! pictures will come up later hopefully!! Rest our feet,legs and back. also time to go swimming!!
   Tomorrow we are going to go to either/or Animal kingdom or MGM!! Then Friday, we will go a half a day to the other park and then the other half to Magic kingdom!

Saturday we fly home! Time flies Fast when having Fun!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


we have so many decisions to make like...
  .....Do we do a graduation ceremony or do you just have an open house?
  ....Do we add on to the house?
.....Do we do a spur of the moment thing with Charity?
....Do i stay at home after a Graduation?

Graduation Ceremony.
 Yes, I'm Graduating !!! The ceremony i was/am planning on doing is May 11. It's with 18 other Homeschoolers around the Lafayette Area. It's a really cool Idea but I'm not sure if i want to do a ceremony with other people.

Add on the to House..
Yes, For the Last (i don't know) maybe 5 years my parents have been thinking about adding on. Dad wants to turn the attic of our garage into a very small Studio apartment  Mom wants to add a fourth bedroom onto  the house. who will win?    

Spur of the moment thing....
want to know? keep checking this blog and I'll (hopefully) post about it!

This last one i don't have any answer to. Sorry