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Monday, November 28, 2011

God So loved The World

God So loved the World

God loved the world that he sent his son!! For you, a weak and worldly sinner. God loved you enough to send his son to die for YOU, a sinner.
  Do you ever see in the news that someone dies for a good person? how about a Weak and worldly sinner?

Think about That!

Our Choir concert is doing God So loved the World. I'll try to Post the Video Here!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

So Busy!

Hi I've been so busy,
I've been doing something this whole month everyday.
     First Mom got an eye infection in her right eye, so bad that they said if she doesn't take the medicine every hour that she will go blind in that eye.
     Next, I went to a Friends house and had fun but The next Morning at 3:30 woke up with the Flu!!! I had to call mom to come a get me. I had the Flue then all that day and couldn't hold anything down. Noah and Neenah also got the Flu.
     I'm in a Homeschool choir called, The Master's Voice choir. Our concert is December 1 and 2 @ 7pm. Well since we are getting down to the final days, We have to go every Monday and Wednesday. So I've been Busy with that.
     My dad Is fixing our first bathroom, so right now we have only one toilet for 6 people. My dad works odd hour so while he's sleeping we have to go in there to use the bathroom.
   My Cousin Charity and Her girls, Rose(3) and Grace(15 months) have been coming over a lot. Charity's Husband James is in the Navy and Is out to sea. So she moved back,( they were living in Charleston, SC). she now lives only 10 mins away than 12to 13 hours!! we have been babysitting her girls a lot.
   My family that came in for thanksgiving was James, Charity's Husband and My auntie Chey, Rose and Grace Aunt. charity is an only child so Auntie Chey is really not family but you can adopt Aunts!! So that's what we did.
  My mom , Charity and Auntie Chey went shopping @ 10pm to 5Am Thursday and Friday.
Well i should Go!!  I'll try to get on more. any questions please email me @ cowboysgals94@yahoo.com

Monday, November 7, 2011

One Day at a Time

well This last month has been Tough. This late year also.

we all lose friends,Family and Enemies.
I lost my Grandma, My email-Buddy and One of my Fri-emys!!

change is good sometimes and Bad sometimes. Too much Good Change can almost be Bad!!
I just a Trying to get by,
My grandma used to Say
" one day at a Time." That's what I'm doing
One day at a Time

Look up that Song One day at a Time,
I think you will like it.