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Be yourself; Because an original is worth so much more than the copy

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Almost 17 teen!!!!

I'm almost 17!!! My birthdays Saturday and I can't wait.
I been thinking about Becoming 17 for a while Now. for a Long time I just wanted to be 16 and Now I'm going to be 17!!
My cousin and I used to say "look that those Kids. Their 17! I can't want to Be 17!!" I now I'm almost am!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Duct tape Purses!!

So I've Decided to make Duct Tape Purses or Bags!!!
they're Really fun to make but Take a Lot of Time. If you would like me to make you one, Please email me @ hl.magoo@yahoo.com
They are really Cool bags!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday cleaning Day!

what a Day! and it's not over yet!!!!
First of all I took a Shower and Guess What i did? I forgot to rinse the Shampoo out of all my Hair!! So after i got out I then had to Jump back in a Rinse it out!! Crazy Me!
Then I made lunch for tomorrow(we eat at church almost every Sunday)
I didn't know if i should cook the carrots or Not. In the End I cooked them just a Little bit!
Tonight,  we have a piano Recital! I was really hoping my cousin,Brooke, would come but I don't think they can.
I'm going to make a Cake for Church tomorrow. It's going to be  Cowboy's Shirt!.
Next Saturday is my 17th birthday!
Well i better Go.
God bless anybody who reads this.
Cowboy's Gal

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why does the week have to be so Busy!

Hello,Today's Thursday.
I've had Such a Busy week and it's not over yet!!
On Tuesday, My father was home and we started taking off the wallpaper in our First bathroom. On Wednesday,  we had piano and Our grandparents night.Wednesday, I went and Bought an old Ring and a Pair of Clip on Earrings at Our antique store. They are so Pretty.
Today we are going to have some friends of ours over.They have six Children,Benjamin,Jacob,Issac,Samuel,Hannah,and Sarah.
Well I have to go help in the Bathroom!!
Have a Great Thursday!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday's News

Well i didn't brake my foot. The doctor said I have a Bad Sprain and Some soft tissue damage done.
I have to keep it iced and wrapped.
So Today we woke up to really bad Storms. we also Woke up to Both of Our Turkey's gone. The One's head is Missing and The Other is MIA! We think an Owl got them.
Well I have to Go to bed Busy day tomorrow.
Cowboy's Gal

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hurt Foot

So on Sunday I fell while I was running and Popped my left ankle. at the Time i thought maybe it was Broken but My parents Decide it was Better to wait. So today I'm going to the doctor to see if it's broken.
Well have to go to the Doctor tell you later tonight what the doctor said!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a Rainy Wednesday morning

Today is a Rainy Wednesday morning. We are going to have Friends over today. Those same Friends are going to Bring us our Turkeys! My little Sister can't wait for Her Turkeys to get here.
I really Don't like Rainy day.  This Spring we have had Rainy days a lot.
Well i should Go.
One new Information about my self
I have  My driver's License so I can Drive Places Now.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New at this

Hey Everybody,
I just starting my blog and I'm very new at this.So I'll tell you a little bit about myself.
I'm about 5"7" and I have Long brown hair,hazel- Brown eyes and right now i have a hurt foot.I'm going to be a Junior this Fall.
I have two sister and one Brother. I have a Mom and a dad. I have Three sets of Grandparents.
I love making my own Clothes.  I'm make outfit's right now that are made out of pants. They are really cool and fun to make.
I love Listen to music. I love singing along with Taylor Swift , Carrie Underwood, Casting crowns, Celtic Thunder and So many more Groups! I've been playing the Piano since fall of 2006. I love it. I just got Taylor swift's Fearless Piano book. I've Be playing around with that.
When i grow up, I have so dreams. One of the dreams is to go to Collage For Graphic Design. I love taking pictures and Graphic Design will Help me with that.
 I hope who ever read this will like it,
God bless you all