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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What to choose

There's days when i'm fine. Perfectly fine. and then there's days when i have a hard decision to make. Do i live with the pain of a migraine or do i take the meds and live with the pain the meds give me?

the pain i get from my migraines, is normally, pin-pointed on my forehead, behind one of my eyes, my neck hurts, and i'll have knots in my necks and upper back, i'll have numbing pain in my lower back/hips. and i'll get dizzy and light headed, and feel like i'm going to faint or sometimes, i've wondered if i'm going to die.

The pain i get from my pain meds, is hard, my throat gets like a swollen feeling and sometime i feel like i'm going to have trouble breathing. and i feel numb. and very tired. and sometimes i feel like my head is cloudy.

i hate how i feel when i take the meds but i hate being in pain.
That's the hardest thing, making the choice about what pain you're going to live with,

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