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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Faking it to you make it

I'm not sure how many times some one has told me to "fake it to you make it." Fake it. Fake what? My life? why should i? This is my life.

In College, the first couple of weeks of the classes i didnt like and i wasn't sure i was understanding, fellow classmates would tell me to "Fake it, until you make it."

In work, I had a coworker tell me, after i had explained to them that i wasnt sure what i was doing "fake it until i make it."

In taxes, unsure the first tax return i did if i did it right, i was told "fake it to you make it"

In my personal life, with dating and getting my heart broken, everybody told me to "fake my normal life until it's my life."

I don't like that saying. In some ways it's true. but at the same time, You can't fake something if it isn't right. Don't fake your Christianity, Don't fake your schoolwork, don't fake a relationship, don't fake a work. and definitely don't fake Taxes! If you don't like it, change it. We have the ability to change things in our life. God lets us change things.

So i'm tired of the fake it to you make it. You should be for everything as my best friend says "for everything 110%!"

Cowboysgal out!

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