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Monday, October 12, 2015

Four years

Four years ago, I wrote a post...That sad day, you can read it here....
My grandmother passed away.. That was a day id never be prepared for. and i'm still not prepared for it..
I'm okay. I still miss her so much.. I wanted to post some pictures of Her but have been so busy and don't have that many on my laptop of her. She was a special woman.

This last year, there's been so many times, where i have wanted to crawl back into her lap, and tell her my heart, Ask her what she though and when my heart was broken, i wanted her to cry with me,
I wanted to introduce her to Jordan, and Jordan to her. I wanted to tell her about my Degree. I wanted to watch her hold Hope like she did Rose and Grace. I wanted to see her fish in Canada. I want her back and that's not possible.

I miss hearing her voice, and I miss her hugs. I miss everything about her.
I love her.

Rosadella Miller.

 This poem meant something to me....