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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pop Free

Hello, My challenge for this week is to try to go Pop free,
the Reason(s) why...
    1) Pop, if you drink a lot of it, cost a lot. One fountain drink at Speedway cost 1.29. Think if you have that two or three times a week for a month, you'll spend... around 18 dollars a month! That's quite a bit when you're working min wage only three days a week(like I do!).
   2) Caffeine isn't good for you. If  you're a person who gets a headache because you haven't had a pop today, then that means you're hooked on Pop. It isn't good for you.

  I have lots of headaches/migraines and I'm thinking this is part of my problem. Since i started working, I tend to drink pop when ever i'm.. Tired, Have a headache, or just bored . I'm trying to change that... so since Sept 22nd, I haven't had a pop/soda/coke!

Day Three

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