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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Something I wrote while in Canada


Everybody who ever know me knows that I LOVE going to Canada every year. Some of you might not know that I've actually looked into becoming a Canadian Citizen.  I wrote this paper while i was in Canada this year. Enjoy!

Canada, Home away from Home
August 9th, 2013
    Canada...Stop and ponder that word carefully. To you, that word would probulay mean 1) another Country, 2) a place VERY cold, and/or 3) a place that speaks French.
None of those meanings mean anything to me... the word Canada to me means...lots of packing, Hiking,Fishing, and Most of all, Peace.
Canada...The World where I can be myself, The place that today is the only day that matters, that what happens next week doesn't matter, The place where i can be SCARED of spiders, Bats, Frogs,( and any other kind of bugs that don't like to stay outside!) but still be able to hike and bait my own hook.
    The count down to Canada doesn't start just a month or two from when we leave. No, It starts the day after Christmas! We start out counting down in weeks, Something one of us kids keep track of... Not close enough to start counting down on the calendar. The end of March comes and with it comes, counting down in DAYS. With the start of counting down in days, comes the start of counting on the Calendar and also telling people about it.
   Just the word Canada, make excitement flare like a forest fire in every one of my family member's voices and make their eyes dances with happiness. With that excitement comes the stories, Someone will go to someone "Do you remember that time that Dad made us hike to...?" or "Remember when so and so stepped on that Hornets nest up by lake so and so?". We're always telling new friends some story. We ALWAYS tell a story so many times that the people ,who weren't even there when it happened, can tell it.  Every year there's a certain story that we tell almost every day for the first two weeks we're back home.
  This is where i can be myself. I often dream about bring some of my friends up here with me. Those, who are close to me, would see me up here and go "Hannah, I knew you were Crazy but really!?" On One hand, I'd think that be so much fun bring Sandra or Lauren or The Glenns or Heather, or Katelyn or a number of other people. I want to bring them here and introduce them to this wonderful world of mine. Watch their faces and see the spark light the flame, that welcomes the fire. See them slowly let the Problems of life melt off their minds like candle wax.
   But on the other, This is MY WORLD. My place to be just as crazy as i want to be. Where i can... Take a blanket  and make a skirt out of it using Safety Pins and wear that skirt as i fight Dragons or Knights....Where i can use a twig as a microphone and sing some of my favorite songs on the dock, not caring that the people, down the hill, can probably hear me....Where I can be a princess or a guard for a Prince(because not all princes have to be the Hero, do they!)...where i can pretend, that the plane i was in crashed and i have to survive. This is my haven, my place, my world to be free and crazy, my place i were i don't have to act like I'm 19, My place to remember, My home away from home.
   Now don't get me wrong, I miss home like terribly right now. I miss my bed, my home, my yard, my piano, my friends, My little town, and the cornfields of Indiana( I really do, the first cornfield we see, we all go " Look at the CORN"). I miss Sandra and Lauren like crazy!!
    This year has been full of changes(I don't like changes). I graduated, There's new help at work, my friends are busy with their life, Charity moved to Virginia, Grandma's been gone almost two year. and tons of other things.
I though coming to Canada would help, But it hasn't. Here every corner, every turn has some kind of memory of Grandma. I thought Canada would be easier this year compared to last year, But it wasn't. It was almost harder for me. She's everywhere. She's in the Cabin, She's on the dock, she's in the bed room, she's on the rock, she's fishing of the boat, she's wearing her Green Raincoat.
Do I want to leave tomorrow? No. Would i stay if i could? Probably not. Why, you ask, You just said that you don't want to leave. I really have thought about what it cost to live here. I've came up with this... I love this place because it my wonder "Get away from the world" place. I don't think i'd like it too long if i'd come up here to live, Just because then it would become my home, not my away place. It wouldn't be my Home away from home.
 Hannah Lewis, August 9th 2013

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