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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Have you ever fought dragon, or saw across the ocean, or took the wagon train out west, all in your backyard?! well I have... I've also jumped from an airplane(um..Trees) and rode a horse and Bull( Tire swing). That's because I have a BIG imagination.
  Also long as i can remember, I've always playing in my pasture/backyard. I've planned corn, Fought magic wizards, and won the hunger games. I've also help Peter, Susan, Edmond, and Lucy fight the white witch.
  My swords are sticks or bats!! I used to have a pretend Bow/arrow but Dad used them to start a fire on winter.
   Have you ever pretended to be Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood Or Casting Crowns or Celtic Thunder? I have!! I also have a pretend Stage( The woodpile). I've playing around, Jumped off, Jumped on and Danced around this woodpile and the only time I got hurt was Sep 2010 when I bumped a log and it fell on my right foot....
I've never met someone who i'd introduce to this world of mine. A few years ago, I told my cousin about My imagination  and we played Power Ranger for the summer, Turned our bikes into Horses , Mower into a bull, and The swimming pool tubes into dolphins!!!

PS.... Go imagine something


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