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Friday, July 5, 2013


Every Girl I know has a last owned 1 barbie!! Man, I've owned at least 10!
   My cousin Liz used to MAKE me play barbie and at the time i didn't like playing them.
A couple years later, Lizzy out grew barbie but I'D make her play them with me because by then i'd found out the secret about playing Barbies....
the Secret to playing barbie is.....communication!! Yes, Communication... When Lizzy played the boy and i played the girl, if we didn't say what we wanted the Barbie's to say, the game didn't last long... We had to have the Barbie's COMMUNICATE!!
  That's the same with anyone, Nobody can read My mind(Thanks Goodness) so i have to share with people when they ask,(what's wrong, If i'm sick, or if i'm happy or not)..

I'm not the best at communication but I'm trying to work on that..... :)


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