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Friday, June 28, 2013


As long as i can remember, I've always got headaches. Years ago, Grandma thought it was caused because i need glasses while that was proven wrong , she started take me to a chiropractor in Lafayette. We went together and I can't remember if we thought it helped or not. But pretty soon, I quit going.
In June of 2007, I got braces. I had Tow teeth on top that needed pulled down. They came down within two or three days. After they were pulled down, My headaches went from 4 days a week to maybe 2 every two weeks or so! It was an Amazing time!!! While I don't let them get me down, They are really hard on me to Focus, pay attention or just be myself.
   After a while, maybe in 2009 or 2010, They started coming back. I'd have two a week or maybe 2 every 10 days.  I started taking med (Advil and Tylenol) to help get rid of them. But my mother never liked me taking Advil , so i'd take Tylenol. Now Tylenol doesn't help.
  Just this year, I have had headaches last for two to three days and then go away. Now, I'm very lucky if I can go two days without getting a headache. While i don't tend to wake up with them, I do about 5 times a month. I've also noticed that my headache sometimes are caused by what food i eat: Chocolates, Sweet Foods(Donuts, Cinn. Rolls  and Desserts), Soda Pop, Tea and Gum. If i tend to eat more Fruits and vegetables that also helps. If i eat to much bread, Cheese or casserole type food, Then I also get headaches.  Stress also plays a big role in my headaches. With Graduation last week and Construction going on, I think that might be part of the problem. Smells also gives be headache: Smoke, Perfume, some candles, and the smell of paint, Really gives be headaches.
  I love rollercosters but if my neck gets whipped, I'd also get a headache. Last week, we went to Holiday World and I could only ride the rollercoster twice because i didn't want to get a headache.
   I want to make the best of this world and live for the glory of God but it's so hard sometimes because Satan finds ways to distract you..

Lots to think about!

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