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Thursday, February 7, 2013


we have so many decisions to make like...
  .....Do we do a graduation ceremony or do you just have an open house?
  ....Do we add on to the house?
.....Do we do a spur of the moment thing with Charity?
....Do i stay at home after a Graduation?

Graduation Ceremony.
 Yes, I'm Graduating !!! The ceremony i was/am planning on doing is May 11. It's with 18 other Homeschoolers around the Lafayette Area. It's a really cool Idea but I'm not sure if i want to do a ceremony with other people.

Add on the to House..
Yes, For the Last (i don't know) maybe 5 years my parents have been thinking about adding on. Dad wants to turn the attic of our garage into a very small Studio apartment  Mom wants to add a fourth bedroom onto  the house. who will win?    

Spur of the moment thing....
want to know? keep checking this blog and I'll (hopefully) post about it!

This last one i don't have any answer to. Sorry


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