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Sunday, January 6, 2013

talk about Work

Everybody(at the bakery) told me that Thanksgiving to Christmas you dream,sleep and always think about cookies! Well i'm here to tell you it's true!
I'd come home from work and check my email. Someone would have send me something about cookies.
I'd go to the store and see cookies. I'd go to sleep and still be scooping cookies. Although it was a very busy time, I'd do it again.
My Boss is/always will be amazing!
 I worked a total of 12 days in December which sound like nothing but when you normally only would have worked something like just 6 days. Yeah that's asking for sore feet and going to bed early(hopefully)
 My Boss Sandra said that we sold around 2,000 DOZ cookies in the month of December! 2,000 DOZ!
Everyday i went to work we scooped cookies!!

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