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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Is almost Here!!!

Fall is almost here. the Mornings are cold, it's time to wear socks, long sleeve shirts and put more blankets on my bed!! What i also love about fall is that when you go to goodwill they have so many special fall color skirts and shirts half off!! Like this skirt i got yesterday!      

I also got a new dress and a pair of new High-heels!!

I love Fall! There's also a lot of fall Birthday in my Family. Started with Noah (Sep 11),12 , Neenah(Sep 25)  16, Mom or Carlene( Oct 31)?, Dad or Brian(Nov 5)?, Grandma Aders(Nov 10)?, Rosadella(Nov 13) 4, Charity(Nov 25) 30!, Joshua (Nov 27) 17, Elizabeth (Dec 8) 22, and Last but not least Emma(Dec 17) 9!! so many Birthday so little Time!
I'll write again soon,
God Bless,

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