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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Changes! :)

Hi Everybody,
Sooooo Many changes have been happening so fast.
          Two weeks ago, Aug 15, I went on a tour of the Art institute of  Indianapolis!! You guys should have seen Their Kitchens!!!!!! Praying that God will make a way for me to go there for school next fall.
       Last monday Aug 19, I went out on a branch and Got my ears....Pierced!!!! It was a very exciting time!!! I can't wait till i can wear my dangle ones i got in Canada!! Here's a picture of my Newly Pierced Ears!!
    Today started My last year of the Master's voice Choir singers!! Very Sad but also a happy Time.
I'll write again soon,
God Bless,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Cousin + family

Hi Everybody,
 I would like you guys to pray for my cousin, his wife and little girl, Kennedy.
 My 1 1/2 year old cousin kennedy was just told that she has a brain Tumer. I'm going to repost what her mother wrote....

"I wanted to give a little history on Kennedy for those who do not know her well.
She was born January 13th, 2011 a perfect bundle of joy:) she was a normal baby, well besides having what we thought was very bad colic. However for the most part she was a growing beautiful normal baby girl. 

We first started to worry when Kennedy weighed 15lbs 7oz at her one year check up, becuase she weighed 15lb 15oz at her nine month check up. The next eight months were very tough and emotional because Kennedy continued losing weight and went from a picky eater to refusing to eat anything at all. 
Since January of this year we went through multiple tests, labs, therapies, specialists, it felt like we tried everything to get her to eat. You name it, we tried it. And all her X-rays, exams, blood work, everything she was tested for came back normal. It was frustrating. In July she had a g tube placed so we could do tube feedings because she was not eating or drinking enough calories and becoming malnurished. 

I was at my wits end. I spent hours and hours researching online, buying books, and talking to people, just trying to figure out what was wrong and why my baby would not eat. You can ask my friends, family, and coworkers, I think I drove them nuts always talking about different possible diagnosis. I was helpless, every doctor and medical staff told us that they were stumped and didn't know what was wrong with her, but would continue looking. I was forced to watch my baby girl get skinnier and skinner. I remember calling or texting my sisters and friends in tears saying that Kennedy is wasting away and I can count every bone on her. I stopped helping my husband with her baths because I would just cry looking at her.

If you have ever met Kennedy you know how big of a person she is inside her tiny body:) she has never acted sick for long, she runs, dances, plays, talks, and carries on for hours. We always wondered how she had so much energy for not having many calories to burn.

Kennedy started tube feedings in the begining of July and by the begining of August she still had not gained even one pound. This worried her GI specialist and he ordered the big tests. Chromosome blood work, genetic urine screen, and a MRI of her head. All these months I prayed the tests would show something, like acid reflux or slow gastric emptying. However with the new tests i changed direction and started praying for normal results. August 13th, day of her MRI, we were not prepared for what they would find. We started the day as we always have; ok another test, it's going to suck holding her down and doing anesthia, but let's just go get this done to rule out yet another thing. Unfortunately the MRI did show something, a brain tumor. It is hard to describe the feelings I had when a doctor I've never met before walks into the waiting room and says he has bad news. 
Anyways, Kennedy is an amazing little girl and we appreciate everything everyone is doing:) our journey to treatment is just begining and we are terrified, but it warms us to see so many people who care:) thank you all so very very much!

Well I could just keep going on and on, but I'll make other posts:)"   by Krystal Ellis

Please pray for them...