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Thursday, August 18, 2011

O Canada!

On July 29th, I started on my way to Blind river,Ontario, Canada. Those who know where Sault  Ste. Marie is, It's about 2 1/2 hours east of Sault. Ste. Marie. we have gone there for the last 13 years. Every year for about two week, or it's around 15 or 16 days. we go up there to fish and us children, to swim! Our Cabin is on the main land , we used to go out on an island, But in 2002 we  moved to the mainland.I love it up there. It's so pretty. I put some pictures up with this post hope you also will see how beautiful it is up there. Our two vans, My grandma and my family's, brought home a Total of 45 Fish,(20 northern,23 bass and 2 little catfish)
That a lot. Before i end this post, I just want to say I've almost be home a week and i still what to go back.
But i keep telling my-self, ' don't worry, It's only 50 more week till Canada!'

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