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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hey Everybody this is something I wrote while in canada! Hope you like it!

When you're on the boat, you...
  Hear the slap,slap,slaping of the waves hitting the side of the boat,you hear the wind making note through the fishing lines on the poles, you hear the beep,beep,beeping of the fish finder, you hear the soft humming of the motor, and you hear the wind also playing tag with the trees.
See the beautiful green woods with trees taller than most of our houses!, you see the blue rolling waves coming to meet the boat head on,you see the pretty white cotten ball clouds dancing across the Baby-blue sky,you see the rollin g mountains covered with Pine trees of all shapes and Sizesyou see the Bright yellow sun, you see the fishes green and wet skales and on some you see their teeth or their Horns ( Yes Horns!!)
Fell, the bump,bump,bumping of the waves, the wind blowning your hair to pieces,the heat of the bright Augest Sun,the coolness of the lake water,the slimy body's of the fish, and the sharp end of the Hooks,
Smell, the cool lake air(the second best Smell out there), the strong smell of dirt when you open the Worm box,the smell of pine Trees( That is the best Smell!), the Smell of boat gas, and When you're walking in the wood if you're lucking you smell the Very strong smell of bear Poop!!
 That's why i love Canada so Much!!!

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