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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday cleaning Day!

what a Day! and it's not over yet!!!!
First of all I took a Shower and Guess What i did? I forgot to rinse the Shampoo out of all my Hair!! So after i got out I then had to Jump back in a Rinse it out!! Crazy Me!
Then I made lunch for tomorrow(we eat at church almost every Sunday)
I didn't know if i should cook the carrots or Not. In the End I cooked them just a Little bit!
Tonight,  we have a piano Recital! I was really hoping my cousin,Brooke, would come but I don't think they can.
I'm going to make a Cake for Church tomorrow. It's going to be  Cowboy's Shirt!.
Next Saturday is my 17th birthday!
Well i better Go.
God bless anybody who reads this.
Cowboy's Gal

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