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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New at this

Hey Everybody,
I just starting my blog and I'm very new at this.So I'll tell you a little bit about myself.
I'm about 5"7" and I have Long brown hair,hazel- Brown eyes and right now i have a hurt foot.I'm going to be a Junior this Fall.
I have two sister and one Brother. I have a Mom and a dad. I have Three sets of Grandparents.
I love making my own Clothes.  I'm make outfit's right now that are made out of pants. They are really cool and fun to make.
I love Listen to music. I love singing along with Taylor Swift , Carrie Underwood, Casting crowns, Celtic Thunder and So many more Groups! I've been playing the Piano since fall of 2006. I love it. I just got Taylor swift's Fearless Piano book. I've Be playing around with that.
When i grow up, I have so dreams. One of the dreams is to go to Collage For Graphic Design. I love taking pictures and Graphic Design will Help me with that.
 I hope who ever read this will like it,
God bless you all

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